What is OTP Code?

The OTP (One Time Password) is an additional level of security for your account. This is required, when signing up, forgotten password and also when the rider has requested a ride.

Please be sure to present this when the driver has picked you up.


Why Choose Getme?

Getme works with professional drivers, throughout the world. We launched in the Bahamas as well as in certain parts of the USA, with a range of services from, drop off and pickup to food delivery.

Getme works very had on securing the safety of our riders, with working with authorities and varies government agencies to assure that our drivers are professional with no criminal background.



What are Ratings & Reviews?

We at Getme Want to assure all of our riders enjoy a safe and reliable service, when booking a ride we have put in place a “rating and reviews” for the driver aswell as the rider, so basically, when you give a good rating to your driver for being, respectful and reliable that gives others the feeling that others have driven with this particular driver and he was awesome.

Please don’t forget to rate your ride!

What countries are we located in?

Our Corporate office is located in the Caribbean, with offices located in the following locations;

The Bahamas
Turks St. Caicos
Dominican Republic



What type of back ground check do we do?

We take security and safety very serious, so we make sure that all of our drivers go through an extensive background check with the following;

Drivers License

Police Record


Along with photo or video of VIN numbers, vehicle inside and out, this why it is important that when a ride is approved, please ensure you take a look at the License tag, Car and profile to ensure your safety.

What are the Menu features?

By selecting the Profile photo, you can add your Picture, change your password.

Here you have the option of saving your credit card for future charges, our platform is 99% secure and encrypted. We accept Discover, Master and Visa Card and if you decide to use cash, every city is different.

My Trips
When you use our service, you can review your all of the history on, your past and upcoming trips.

We will send out offers based on special  giveaways and your city, with ongoing and future discounts.

Riders can be able to add funds in the virtual wallet for future trips and not saving a credit card on file, this is good especially if you pay with different payment.

This shows the payment history, from your wallet and coupon offers.

If you need to save or bookmark your location, Home or work, just select add.
You can change your Language, default is English.

Our support team is here to help you, if you have any questions please contact us.

This option allows you to share the app with more riders, so they can experience the same treatment you have.

Become a driver
If you have your own vehicle and the right credentials and a clean background, we want you.

When you are not using the service you have the option of logging out, by doing some  you will not get any notifications for any specials.

What type of vehicles do we have?

Our vehicle type range from Economy, Midsize, Suvs, Luxury and Vans. We inspect all of our driver vehicles, to assure that our customers experience a comfortable and safe ride with out any worries.

Am I charged for cancelling a ride?

You can cancel a ride at any time through the Getme app, but you may be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel after you’re matched with your driver.

Cancellation fees pay drivers for the time and effort they spend getting to your location.

A ride requests should be made when you’re ready to ride and near the pickup location. This helps ensure no issues with the pickups for rider and driver.


You may be charged a cancellation fee if:

– You cancel a few minutes after a driver accepts the trip. The specific amount of time depends on your location
– Your driver  can cancel after waiting a few minutes at your pickup location. The specific amount of time depends on your location


You may be charged a cancellation fee if:

– If you cancel a few minutes after your driver accepts the ride. The specific amount of time depends on your location
– If your driver cancels after waiting a few minutes at the pickup location. The specific amount of time depends on your location

If you believe you were charged a cancellation fee , let us know in the support messengering.

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