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Vans Added

Getme Ride Started already with adding more drivers in Turks and Caicos and ready to take the market. From small rides, luxury and food pickups, nothing to small for us. Downloading Getme Ride, you’ll enjoy the smooth and quick responsive feature on the app, there is nothing like this.

GetMe Ride App Has Enlisted 84 Taxi Drivers In Bahamas So Far

In 2018, Getme Ride launched services throughout the Caribbean below is what The press were saying; The GetMe Ride app has enlisted 84 taxi drivers throughout The Bahamas since its launching last month, with plans to expand to 200 drivers in The Bahamas, while 450 drivers have already been confirmed in Jamaica and Trinidad, where […]

Technology transforming the transportation industry

In 2018 Getme was the first approved mobile ridesharing app. Thanks to the power of technology, residents and guests to the Island of Grand Bahama and elsewhere throughout the Commonwealth, can now look forward to the latest in safe, reliable transportation services using the ‘GetMe Ride’ application. The ‘GetMe Ride’ application, which is available on […]

GetMe Ride taxi services app launched

After more than six months working out the kinks, GetMe Ride, the Uber or Lyft style app that uses taxi drivers for a mobile ride call-up service, has gone online. The company announced the app’s launch yesterday, citing “bugs” as the reason it was not launched sooner. The app is live in Grand Bahama and […]

Turks Island Launching

GetMe Ride Taxi Services App Launching In April Fri, Apr 05, 2019 The Caribbean Uber company GetMe Ride will officially launch in Turks and Caicos Islands in less than two weeks. GetMe Ride, the Uber or Lyft style app that uses taxi drivers for a mobile ride call-up service is going online during a Grand […]

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