Getme Ride

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation Fee When a passenger requests a ride, it is then accepted by a driver. If you cancel the trip 10 minutes after your driver accepts the trip, or cancel 5+ minutes before your driver arrives the trip.  

How to add funds to your Wallet

When using the App, open the menu icon, the 3 lines on the left and select “Wallet”, input the amount youll need to add and your credit card, this process takes a few seconds to be added to your account.

How to find your OTP Code on a Ride

When you are on a “Ride” mode you book a ride with the Getme Ride App and when the request is accepted, the driver will get your information. Once the driver arrives they will ask for the OTP (One Time Password) code. You will find the 4 digit OTP code on the left below of […]

How to sign up to Ride

Follow the steps below; Download Getme Ride Verify your mobile number Create your profile Enter your pickup location & Destination Select your type of vehicle And that’s it, you are ready to get going please don’t forget to rate your driver and your experience.

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