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How to use the OTP when picking up a Rider

The OTP (One Time Passcode) code is provided to the driver when he arrives to pickup the Ride. This assure the driver and the rider that is safe to enter the vehicle. Please make sure you request this code prior to allowing the passenger entry to your vehicle.

How to use the SOS

Your safety is what is important to us, making sure that when we ride with us, from beginning to end of your destination, you are in good hands. We have installed a feature called SOS where you can click this while you are in the “ride” mode we can see where you are. By pushing […]

How to use the Google Map to Drive

Once you have accepted a job, the APP will tell you who and where the rider is located. You will select the top right navigation icon Your googlemap, App will open Select Start option below This will show you step by step to your pickup Once you have arrived, you will then select the Getme […]

How to add your debit card to Drive

When signing up, drivers are approved after a background check a Live Video Interview , aswell as the inside and out of the vehicle. Drivers are Paid Weekly by debit card or bank card, Select Card Add Debit Card Save You are ready to go!

How to pickup a Rider

When you are in “Online” mode, you can see when there are any request in your service type. Once you have a request You will have time to see the location, who is requesting and select accept or refuse the job after you have accepted the job Open the Navigation Icon Follow the Map to […]

How to sign up to Drive

To Sign up to drive. Download the Getme “Driver” App Verify your mobile number Upload your Profile Photo Upload your documents, license, Insurance, License Tag or plate and photo of your vehicle  

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