Technology transforming the transportation industry

In 2018 Getme was the first approved mobile ridesharing app.

Thanks to the power of technology, residents and guests to the Island of Grand Bahama and elsewhere throughout the Commonwealth, can now look forward to the latest in safe, reliable transportation services using the ‘GetMe Ride’ application.

The ‘GetMe Ride’ application, which is available on both iPhone and Android devices, once downloaded, will allow persons in need of a ride, with just one simple click, hire a certified “GetMe Ride’ taxi driver to pick them up and take them to their desired destination.

The ‘GetMe Ride’ app is downloaded free.

‘GetMe Ride’ is similar to the Uber and Lyft applications, which are widely used across North America; however, ‘GetMe Ride’ drivers are all independent taxi drivers, licensed by Local Government and subject to a background check, prior to being certified.
According to Michael Broome, founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ‘GetMe Ride,’ “We want anyone who uses GetMe Ride to enjoy arriving to their destination safely.

“Back in 2017, we had started the process and found we had some bugs that we wanted to work out. We also wanted to ensure that we followed the rules and standards of agencies, such as the Road Traffic Department and the Taxi Union, prior to the launch,” informed Broome.

“We have met with the president of the Taxi Union in New Providence and Grand Bahama, and they were very impressed with the app and with the fact that it caters to local taxi drivers. We sat down with Senator (Kwasi) Thompson of Grand Bahama and he endorses us 100 percent,” maintained Broome.

The company is contracting over 75 independent, licensed drivers throughout The Bahamas and has plans to expand the services, with an additional 100 drivers in Jamaica. Presently there are over 110 drivers throughout The Bahamas that have begun the process to becoming ‘GetMe Ride’ certified.

Broome said that the ‘GetMe Ride’ services is currently operating on Grand Bahama and New Providence and is in the process of establishing a presence in Exuma and Abaco. However, training of all drivers is mandatory prior to receiving the ‘GetMe Ride’ certification.

“Drivers are not allowed to start driving as a ‘GetMe Ride’ representative until we certify them. Our guys are certifying everyone now, between here and Nassau. We want to ensure that every vehicle is certified.”

As all ‘GetMe Ride’ vehicles are registered with the Road Traffic Department as taxis for hire, Broome stated that all ‘GetMe Ride’ vehicles must be in good standing. Drivers must have all of their relevant documentation and they must, at all times, be professional.
“We do have rules and regulations that they must adhere to prior to being ‘GetMe Ride’ certified.”

Broome explained that all drivers of ‘GetMe Ride’ are existing taxi drivers throughout The Bahamas. “‘GetMe Ride’ serves as a partner with them, with respect to the advanced technology based, ‘GetMe Ride’ application.”

He shared that the process for hiring a ‘GetMe Ride’ driver is quite simple. “Once the app is downloaded to the device of your choice, an account must be created along with billing information, as all transactions are paid by either debit or credit cards. No cash is exchanged.

“Just tap on the ‘GetMe Ride’ app, insert your pick up location and destination, select the type of vehicle of your desire, based on group size, which range from a regular sedan for four persons, a sports utility vehicle (SUV) for six or a LUX for larger groups. We also have wheelchair accessible vehicles, as well as tour buses available.

“The cost will start from per mile, to a flat rate for a luxury vehicle. Once a request for hire has been established, a ‘GetMe Ride’ certified driver will be selected. The application will in turn send the customer the name of the driver, a picture of the driver, their estimated time of arrival as well as their license plate number,” Broome explained.

“On the driver’s side, the app will alert them on their appointments. The drivers are equipped with all of that knowledge. We are training every one of our drivers. When they are done with the training, we place a sticker on their vehicles stating that they are certified by ‘GetMe Rides.’”

Broome added that safety and privacy is a major issue for customers.

“‘GetMe Ride’ is the only legal transportation app that was approved, that only contracts local taxi drivers, based on background checks on its drivers.

“Our drivers all have more than two years of experience. We want everyone, from families to the person needing a ride home after a night on the town, to feel safe when they use our service.”

The ‘GetMe Ride’ CTO noted that there are no restrictions on the ‘GetMe Ride’ vehicles; persons will be able to hire the vehicles and travel the length and breadth of the island.

“For anyone that gets in, Wi-Fi is free, from point A to point B. The service is not only for picking persons up now, but you can also schedule rides even a month in advance.”

According to Broome, an agreement was also made with the Ministry of Tourism where passengers in any ‘GetMe Ride’ certified vehicle will, again thanks to the power of technology, be able to identify what is taking place on the island, in real time, using tablet devices that will be strategically placed in the head rests of their vehicles.

“With the tablets, we made a deal with BahamaHost and the Ministry of Tourism, where we will begin something that we have entitled, ‘What’s Going on.’ Persons will be able to get in the backseat of each of our vehicles, hit a button on the tablet and it will show you exactly what is going on here on the island. It will show you highlights, calendars, restaurants and events that are taking place.
“All of the information will be provided by the Ministry of Tourism. We will, pretty much, set up a back end so that the ministry will be able to log in and they will in turn be able to type the information in,” said Broome.

The ‘GetMe Ride’ application is also available to offer pickup and delivery services of products.

Eventually, Broome stated that the ‘GetMe Ride’ application will also benefit persons that are interested in renting a vehicle, as opposed to hiring a driver to take them from point A to point B.

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