GetMe Ride taxi services app launched

After more than six months working out the kinks, GetMe Ride, the Uber or Lyft style app that uses taxi drivers for a mobile ride call-up service, has gone online.

The company announced the app’s launch yesterday, citing “bugs” as the reason it was not launched sooner.

The app is live in Grand Bahama and moving quickly to get local taxi services on board.

“We operate much like Uber and Lyft, but our drivers are independent taxi drivers licensed by the local government and are subject to a background check prior to being certified,” the release states.

“We want anyone who uses GetMe Ride to enjoy arriving to their destination safely. The app is compatible with iPhones and Android phones and is free to download.

“Not everyone owns a car or wants to rent one, but they still need a way to get around, especially visitors from other countries.”

The company is contracting more than 75 independent, licensed drivers throughout the country and has plans to expand to Jamaica.

“We have met with the taxi union in New Providence and Grand Bahama and they were very impressed with the app and with the fact that it caters to local taxi drivers,” said GetMe Ride Chief Technology Officer Michael Broome .

“We sat down with Minister Kwasi Thompson of Grand Bahama and he said he endorses us 100 percent.”

The press release advises that to get started using the app, “Download GetMe Ride from your app store, create an account along with your billing information, and then you are ready. Just tap on the GetMe Ride app, insert your pick up location and destination, select the types of vehicles of your desire, based on group size, which range from a regular sedan for four persons, to an SUV for six persons or LUX for a larger group. We also have wheelchair accessible vehicles as well as tour buses.”

The cost per ride will be calculated per mile, with a flat rate set for luxury vehicles.

“Once the request goes out, a GetMe driver will be selected and the app then sends back a picture, the name of the driver, estimated time they’ll arrive, as well as the plate number so you will know who is picking you up,” the release points out.

“Payment is also made securely through the app, so there is no money exchanged.”

Broome added that safety and privacy are major issues for customers.

“GetMe Ride is the only legal transportation app that was approved and that only contracts local taxi drivers based on background checks,” Broome said.

“Our drivers all have more than two years of experience. We want everyone, from families to the person needing a ride home after a night on the town, to feel safe when they use our service.”

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