GetMe Ride App Has Enlisted 84 Taxi Drivers In Bahamas So Far

In 2018, Getme Ride launched services throughout the Caribbean below is what The press were saying;

The GetMe Ride app has enlisted 84 taxi drivers throughout The Bahamas since its launching last month, with plans to expand to 200 drivers in The Bahamas, while 450 drivers have already been confirmed in Jamaica and Trinidad, where the app will be launched in August.

GetMe Ride allows users to hail a taxi online and provides payment through the online mobile system.

GetMe Ride features economy, midsize, vans, luxury and extra large vehicles.

“All of our drivers and cars have our push-to-talk technology, GPS tracking along with free Wi-Fi that we provide to all of our customers,” said Michael Broome, founder and chief technology officer of the company.

“We have been very busy with rides since Feb 2018, and we are happy to say that, as of April, we are doing an average of 50 requests a day.”

Broome added that Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) has installed fiber to his company’s call center, which will be able to take the capacity of 100 inbound calls from anywhere in the Caribbean.

GetMe Ride has trained 20 agents for the call center, and its dispatchers will be able to take calls using the latest technology.

After more than six months working out the kinks, GetMe Ride went online.

The app is live on Grand Bahama and moving quickly to get local taxi services on board.

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