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GetMe Ride Taxi Services App Launching In April

Fri, Apr 05, 2019 The Caribbean Uber company GetMe Ride will officially launch in Turks and Caicos Islands in less than two weeks.

GetMe Ride, the Uber or Lyft style app that uses taxi drivers for a mobile ride call-up service is going online during a Grand Opening ceremony on Wednesday April 10th, 2019.

Getme Ride will be providing ridesharing, pickup drop off, with license taxi drivers and with a range of services with partners that will have economy, midsize, Large and Luxury rides at a reasonable rate.

During an exclusive interview with The SUN, Regional Marketing Director, Leticia Samper said the idea came from analyzing & experiencing the lack of convenient transportation for locals and visitors alike.

“What we liked about the franchise was their ability to incorporate convenience and technology all into one app and solve the majority of the issues we have in the transportation market here in these islands. Some of the issues we have are as follows; non existing legal community cab services, ability for customers to pay their fare via credit card or online through the app, transparency and fair pricing through the app and eliminating long waiting periods for taxi drivers for jobs in lines at the airport or hotels, just to name a few.”

She added: “Our partners are taxi drivers. We will be partnering with their cars, with small cars, to luxury cars, for ridesharing, but the cars will be inspected and have to be up to GMR standards. For the Pick deliveries, they to go through that screening process to make sure that all vehicles are in good conditions, and inspected to give the customer an assurance that their cargo is also safe.”
Samper noted that with this app the taxi drivers will be more unified and can deliver better service to their customers and continue to move forward more efficiently to “Literally Drive Tourism” in these Beautiful by Nature Islands.

In addition, the cost of services are set by zone and based on per-mile basis and it fluctuates based on demand.

Asked how this will benefit TCI, Samper stated that this is an issue throughout the globe and she believes this is something that is greatly needed locally.

“Everyone is using mobile apps. It puts the control in the hands of the rider, from ridesharing all the way to delivery, regardless of if it’s for a tourist or a local. This will benefit them in many ways. Imagine this, you have your child at school, you can’t get them because of a meeting or something important, with this app you’ll be able to book a ride and pick up your kid and be able to know that all of our drivers are safe and reliable and have been well screened in our process, so if you need a taxi or just a ride, we got you,” she explained.

Samper also revealed that they will be adding P&D (Pickup & Delivery) which is their new feature and this service will available for everyday truck drivers, small cars, large and extra cargo.

She continued: “Anyone with a clean licence and insurance can use that option to work with GMR. They will not be able to pick up riders, as they are reserved for taxi drivers (only). We plan on opening up a call center here locally that will be able to handle inbound and outbound customer service for all of our other locations in the Caribbean, so we believe this will be an awesome way to bring all of the Caribbean together.”

Samper said they are very confident that they will receive the support that they are seeking from the TCI community.

“We feel that the community will be very supportive of having a company that they can control by simply requesting a ride or pick up and tap to go. The idea is to provide more jobs for taxi drivers. We have tourists every day visiting the islands, either by aircraft or by cruises and they are bombarded with jitney drivers or anyone with a car and they are not registered to drive with road traffic and it takes away the income potentially from the taxi drivers. So for us, this will be a great way that we can consolidate services into one app so we can make sure that the appropriate persons with valid licence will take them around,” she said.

Samper also told The SUN that they will be reaching out to local business to offer their services along with hotels and Airbnb and will be providing other upcoming services in coming weeks that will be targeted for cruise ship and everyday travelers.

Getme Ride is in partnership with local persons and they are; Eugene Walkin as President, Birkley Missick as Vice President, Jervon Hall as Director of Operations and Ikelyn Stubbs as Technical Director.

The Grand Opening will be held on 10th April, 2019 at 6 p.m. in their store located at #41 Princess Drive, Unit #28, Grace Bay. Everyone is encouraged to download the app from their app store.

Getme Ride started with Founder and CTO Michael Broome along with his team, that took his concept and made it a reality, with new offices throughout the Caribbean and now moving into Spain, it definitely shows that this is going to be an amazing future to work for and lots more to come.

Offices will be opening throughout the Caribbean, Jamaica, Trinidad, The Bahamas, Haiti and Dominican Republic, Madrid Spain, San Antonio, Galveston and Texas.

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